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New Lego Female White Minifig Head Girl Chima Wolf Windra. New Lego Female Lego Legends Of Chima Wolf Speed Dating Youtube. Lego Legends Of.

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This all products are already in my country, Spain. They arrived this week, I was so excited when I saw them!!!! Build your defenses and guard the CHI with new and exciting weapons that attack from land and air. Releasing January Includes two minifigures with weapons: Braptor and Eris in her new armor.

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Windra is a Legends of Chima wolf minifigure released in She is the wolves mechanic and has appeared in a minor role in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series and is a playable character in Laval’s Journey. Worriz has a crush on her, but she clearly doesn’t like him back. She appears to always be moody and violent. Windra was the first wolf affected by the last hundred year moon phenomenon, having it control her three nights before its full effect.

By Claude Margaret. The Eggs Terminator – LEGO CHIMA – Mini Movie #23 By Ingram Bowman. LEGO® Legends of Chima™ – Wolf Speed Dating

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This article is about the relationship between Worriz and Windra. Worriz and Windra both come from the Wolf Tribe, and the tribe members always stick together and think as one, so they have had a lot of time together. Their relationship is an odd one.

BLUES. The Barns at Wolf Trap 7pm. $–5, With legends like Bono, Bruce. Springsteen high speed. There’s also To speed up CHIMA BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE sional life coach and dating/relationship ex-.

Cragger feels a great responsibility as king. When the wolves start ambushing the other tribes and steal their CHI, the balance of Chima starts to shift as all tribes — except for the wolves that grow increasingly powerful — begin to run out of CHI. Laval, Eris, and Gorzan must recover a supply of CHI lost in the Gorge of Eternal Depth to restore an imbalance causing earthquakes and thunder storms.

When Cragger and his Croc troops attempt to steal back some of the CHI the Wolves have stolen from the other tribes, they are captured and taken prisoner – but Laval is determined to help his old friend Cragger and attempts a daring rescue. When Crooler loses control over Cragger, he reverts to his good, old self and is in high spirits, willing to help all animals of Chima — but as usual, Crooler has a trick up her sleeve and employs a Raven alchemist to produce fake CHI.

Chima is peaceful yet again. Laval and Cragger go on a joyful Speedor cruise. But the Ravens use the peace to move into Eagle Spires. The Eagles try to get rid of them, but the Ravens are very persistent.

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The toys are set in a fantasy -style land worriz “Chima”, in which various tribes resembling different animals are at war with one another; they all battle to collect a substance called CHI, windra comes in crystal orbs and has magical powers. The theme also contains a playable game called Speedorz. This lego theme spawned the television series Legends of Chima , as well as several video games.

Windra is a Legends of Chima wolf minifigure released in In the Chima video called Wolf Speed Dating, Windra is shown light grey and.

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