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Three speleothems from western Canada have been analyzed for their paleomagnetism and U—Th activity ratios. These cave deposits do not appear to show the kind of depositional effects on the recorded magnetic signal as is often the case with sediments. In addition the signal may be referred directly to geographic coordinates so that virtual geomagnetic pole plots may be constructed. This in turn has allowed assessment of any possible bias of the paleofield. One of the samples was reversely magnetized. Besides their use in the study of the ancient field, these samples have useful geomorphic applications. A stalagmite from Vancouver Island was shown to have recorded clockwise loops of the field vector in the period 5. This implies a mainly westward drift of the paleofield for this period; the corresponding VGP’s were mostly far-sided and slightly left-handed. If you have an individual subscription to this journal, or if you have purchased this article through Pay-Per-view , you can gain access by logging in with your username and password here:.

Body sway predicts romantic interest in speed dating

Social bonding is fundamental to human society, and romantic interest involves an important type of bonding. Speed dating research paradigms offer both high external validity and experimental control for studying romantic interest in real-world settings. While previous studies focused on the effect of social and personality factors on romantic interest, the role of nonverbal interaction has been little studied in initial romantic interest, despite being commonly viewed as a crucial factor.

The present study investigated whether romantic interest can be 1 predicted by nonverbal dyadic interactive body sway, and 2 enhanced by movement-promoting ‘groovy’ background music.

W. J. Rink and B. Forrest () Dating Evidence for the Accretion History of Beach School of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University, Main.

Rink is, after all, a globetrotting professor at McMaster University , a member of the prestigious Explorers Club in New York City, and like the character made famous by Harrison Ford, seems to have had at least a passing aversion to snakes. His latest discovery, a scientific first, which McMaster plans to announce this week, was made during trips to southern China over the past few years and concerns a little-understood giant ape called Gigantopithecus. From fossil remains found in various caves he visited, Rink has been able to date the existence of the creature, thanks to a technique pioneered at McMaster.

Rink has earned something of an international reputation for his ability to date fossil remains, namely teeth, that are found in caves—a job that can be unpredictable at best. Searching the. Fortunately, teeth are the essential pieces for the dating technique called electron spin resonance, a complex procedure that involves measuring radiation that passes through objects over hundreds of thousands of years.

While doing his Ph. Now a. The challenge is out there in the field. The course is also inspired by his own expeditions, which he says are not unlike those of the 19th-century English scientists who explored Egypt and Africa. Browse Issues Search Subscribe Now. Click to View Article Pages.


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Tristan Carter, McMaster University, Anthropology Department, Faculty Member. Studies Near Eastern Archaeology, Prehistoric Archaeology, and Public.

Since its inception, the choir has grown to more than voices, boasting talents from many members of the academic community, and students from a wide array of faculties. The McMaster Choir’s concerts are attended regularly by members of the university community, including many of McMaster’s “nobility”, as well as residents of Hamilton and the surrounding area. Westdale residents specifically look forward to the Choir’s regular concerts, during both the Christmas and Spring seasons.

This is Monica’s third year as accompanist of the McMaster University Choir, and brings to the position many years of experience, as an accompanist, pianist and organist. In the past, Monica has served as music director in various churches in the Brant-Haldimand area. When not sitting behind the piano, she is either chauffeuring one of her four children around and about, or working at Hamilton District Christian Highschool, where she conducts the Choir and teaches vocal music.

In , Monica released her debut cd, Doxology, an album of sacred music for solo piano.

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Affiliations. 1 Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada L8S 4K1. 2 McMaster.

Not only does it have immediate and long-lasting impacts on the physical and mental health of survivors, but it can also have lasting consequences for families, communities and society as a whole. The investment by the Public Health Agency of Canada is part of a whole-of-government approach to preventing and addressing gender-based violence. Through collaborative efforts, we can foster positive relationships, build healthy families, change attitudes and promote gender equality.

I’m proud to announce the Government of Canada’s support for these important projects that can help prevent violence by building on efforts to achieve gender equality and supporting healthy relationships. Through initiatives developed in with partners like McMaster University , we are taking the necessary steps to prevent and end gender-based violence here in Hamilton , and across Canada.

Those decisions can have lasting consequences and the numbers tell a horrifying story: nearly half of all sexual assaults are committed against young women aged 15 to In developing Canada’s first strategy to end gender-based violence, experts, survivors and their families asked our government to address the gaps in teen and youth dating violence, as well as child maltreatment. Our government listened. We’re proud to be involved in this national initiative which we know will have great impact.

By evaluating the roll-out of a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum in school and community-based settings across Canada , this project will enhance our understanding of ways to build youth capacity to engage in healthy sexual and social relationships free of violence, and of the optimal ways of supporting service providers to deliver such programs.

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An international team of researchers led by McMaster University has found that while higher heat and humidity can slow the spread of COVID, longer hours…. The evidence shows that cloth masks, particularly those with several layers of cotton cloth, block droplet, and aerosol contamination of the environment, which may reduce…. McMaster University researchers have identified an antibacterial compound made by cannabis plants that may serve as a lead for new drug development.

An interdisciplinary team…. A promising clinical candidate in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. A new group of antibiotics with a unique approach to attacking bacteria has been discovered,…. A collaboration between McMaster and Harvard…. A self-cleaning surface that repels even the deadliest superbugs: Researchers create the ultimate non-stick coating, with medical settings and food industry in mind.

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Social bonding is fundamental to human society, and romantic interest involves an important type of bonding. Speed dating research paradigms offer both high external validity and experimental control for studying romantic interest in real-world settings. While previous studies focused on the effect of social and personality factors on romantic interest, the role of non-verbal interaction has been little studied in initial romantic interest, despite being commonly viewed as a crucial factor.

Directional predictive body sway coupling, but not body sway similarity, predicted interest in a long-term relationship above and beyond rated physical attractiveness.

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By: Anonymous contributor. I never imagined that I would date my teaching assistant. Dating my TA was probably one of the worst decisions of my undergraduate degree. Dating your TA is much more socially-accepted than dating your professor or course instructor. When I had talked with my TA about our relationship, he told me that the department frowned upon student-TA relationships but there was no strict rule against them. As long as he gave my assignments to another TA to grade, nobody batted an eye at our relationship.

Even when I got out of the relationship, I still felt ashamed and embarrassed every time I had to see him in tutorial or lecture. In the end, I ended up dropping the class and dodging questions from people asking me why. A conflict of interest policy is not sufficient. If it is, then the case is moved to higher-ups who decide what sort of actions need to be taken to remove the conflict.

McMaster University should protect their students by banning student-TA, or any student-faculty, relationships altogether.

Swipe Right: Dating at your Fingertips

Since most of our days are spent gazing into a screen anyways, making a connection online can almost feel like second nature to us. In addition, showing interest in someone online is less nerve wracking than going up to them in person and it can make you feel like you have less to lose if you get rejected. The rules change. You no longer keep their interest by sharing with them as little as you can, but instead you allow them to delve into what makes you, really you. Through profiles and questionnaires, you get a good sense of how people describe themselves.

You can meet people with similar interests, hobbies and intentions.

Keywords: dating violence; violence against dating partners. It is now Harriet MacMillan, McMaster University; Ignacio Luis Ramirez, Texas Technological Uni-​.

We were also overjoyed to join the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics here in commemorating the birthday of John Snow! A great way to get exposed to a wide variety of career perspectives in a short period of time. See more pics from the speed mentoring event here. Approximately 30 students attended the event to hear advice on careers in epidemiology and biostatistics, and public health.

The panelists, Dr. The panelists included Dr. Upper-year students provided advice on COOPs, internships, extracurricular activities, and upper-year courses. A professional photo shoot was also organized for students interested in taking headshots for LinkedIn. More events will be planned in the next few months, including panel discussions and a 3-minute undergraduate thesis event. The McMaster CSEB Student Chapter is an interdisciplinary, student-run organization at McMaster that aims to provide an avenue for undergraduate and graduate students to explore their interests in Epidemiology and Biostatistics through networking with students and professionals alike.

Academic Advisor: Dr. Blog contributors: Candice Luo: candy. Main website: csebottawa. Objectives: To provide students in epidemiology and biostatistics with opportunities to expand their knowledge by sharing their research through organized poster and oral presentations To engage student networking across multiple professional organizations within existing departmental relationships.

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Just curious to know. Haha your chances are probably not as dismal as mine. Gay female here who doesn’t drink or really like clubs.

The Phoenix Bar and Grill is located on the McMaster University campus in Hamilton, Ontario. It has been owned and operated by the Graduate Student.

Rink Introduction to a range of dating methods useful over the last 2 million years of earth history. Physical basis of the methods as well as aspects of their application are the main topics, but can also include aspects of the sedimentary context for certain methodologies. Dating methods include radiocarbon dating, argon-argon dating, electron spin resonance dating and luminescence dating. Skip to main content.

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Researchers at McMaster University have found that a person’s first permanent molars carry a life-long record of health information dating back to the womb, storing vital information that can connect maternal health to a child’s health, even hundreds of years later. Dentin, the material under the enamel that makes up the bulk of a tooth, forms in microscopic layers that compare to the rings of a tree. Adequate formation of those layers is dependent on Vitamin D.

Dark streaks develop in periods when the body is deprived of the critical nutrient, usually because of a lack of sunlight. The researchers, led by anthropologist Megan Brickley, had previously established that such microscopic defects remain in place and can be read later, in the same way a tree trunk can show years of good and poor growth. Because teeth do not decay as rapidly as flesh and bone, they can retain such information for hundreds of years post-mortem.

Daniel Richter set up and installed the luminescence dating laboratory at the at the Department of Geology at the McMaster University in Hamilton (Canada).

Evaluations that tell you whether free resources on the internet are based on scientific research. It can be hard for seniors to start dating again. This resource describes where you can meet new people, how to register for a dating website and tips for staying safe on the internet. They are not a substitute for advice from your own health care professionals. The Web Resource Ratings may be reproduced for not-for-profit educational purposes only. Help us to continue to provide direct and easy access to evidence-based information on health and social conditions to help you stay healthy, active and engaged as you grow older.

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